About Us

SA Specialized Services started removing graffiti and pressure cleaning in 1984 through this period we slowly grew servicing a variety of customers from Cleaning Company’s, Real Estate Firms, Builders to Homeowners some are still original customers. In 2004 we applied to Safework SA for an asbestos licence, as this was a fast growing demand for this work. We received our licence in 2005 to remove bonded asbestos cement products (Class B).

We are one of Adelaide’s leading asbestos contractors dealing with residential and commercial asbestos removal, we pride ourselves in using the safest modern methods and techniques of asbestos removal in accordance with our certified WHS procedure’s as per Safework SA regulations.

SA Specialized is the holder of an (Class B) Asbestos Removal License, with trained industry professionals, some with over 30 years experience. 

All our employees have National Police and Vulnerable Person / Child Related screening certificates for working in schools and kindergartens and government locations.